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Basalt Polished Finish.jpg

Polished Finish


Add an extra to your design!

Basalt Matte Finish.JPG

Matte Finish

Basalt Honed FinishJPG

Honed Finish

Basalt Rustic Finish.jpeg

Rustic Finish

Basalt Brushed Finish.jpeg

Brushed Finish

Basalt Tomboleado Finish.jpg

Tomboleado Finish

Basalt Fluted Finish.jpg

Fluted Finish

Basalto Estriado 45 Bamboo Troncatto.jpg

Fluted 45° Finish

Basalt Sandblasted Fine Finish.jpg

Fine Sandblasted Finish

Basalto Sandblasteado Grueso.jpg

Coarse Sandblasted Finish

Basalt Bamboo Finish.png

Bamboo Finish

Basalt Barcode Finish.jfif

Barcode Finish

Basalto Estriado 45 Bamboo Troncatto.jpg

Bamboo Wave Finish

Basalt Flat Bamboo Finish.jpg

Flat Bamboo Finish

Basalt Fluted 45 Bamboo Troncatto Finish.jpg

Flat Bamboo Wave Finish

Basalt Tweed Finish.jpg

Tweed Finish

Basalt Fluted 45 Bamboo Troncatto Finish.jpg

Troncatto Finish

Basalt Corteccia Finish.jpg

Corteccia Finish

Basalt Unhindered Finish.jpg

Unhindered Finish

Basalt Splitface Finish.jpg

Splitface Finish

Basalt Xanthe.jpg


Basalt High Porosity.jpg



The surface of the basalt is slightly furrowed by small and irregular hollows.

Basalt Medium Porosity.jpeg


Basalt Low Porosity.jpeg


Basalto Sandblasteado.jpeg

Light Gray


Infinite variety of bright and dark shades.

Basalto de Colores.jpg

Dark Brown

Basalt Sandblasted Finish.jpeg


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